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Clean Globe

We Are


Clean Globe is a global certification, verification, and training provider headquartered in Melbourne, Australia, and Sustainability certification is the mainstream of our services. Among various supply chains, textile, plastic, metal, paper, and leather are the most prominent sectors that we serve but not limited to them. Being a privately owned organization, we are self-financed via the services that we provide.

We will fulfill the gap of appropriate service models in agriculture, livestock, forestry, food, and many other industries with our expertise and innovative solutions soon.

We, Clean Globe are innovative, efficient, and enthusiastic team spread all around the world. Our diversified experience over decades in developing standards, providing solutions, and correct implementation of standards is significant amongst others.

The quality of service, obviously in the certification sector highly depends on professionalism. So, personal competence is thoroughly considered over the system establishment of the certification body as multi-stakeholders such as operator, customer, scheme owner, laboratory, and accreditation body keep an eye on the actions taken throughout the process.

We are currently operating in Australia, Bangladesh, Canada, China, Hong Kong – SAR of China, Indonesia, Morocco, New Zealand, Pakistan, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Taiwan – China, Thailand, Tunisia and Turkey. Many other countries to be flagged soon.


Industry solutions

We direct processors, manufacturers, and buyers towards the most suitable path or guide to develop the selected path achieving optimum benefits. For example, brands and retailers are guided to choose an adequate supply chain sustainability program to reach their business goals.

Linear process

We continuously study the lessons learned from the past and focus on current changes and developments in the market. Absorb value additions while eliminating unnecessary steps to the core process of certification under accreditation norms. For example, we avoid unnecessary documentation and repeatedly filling forms even with necessary details.

Innovative approach

Innovative ideas of our team and the clients are frequently fed to the infrastructures such as the information management system and client portal which helps to keep the process up to date and hassle-free.


We respectfully welcome your suggestions, inquiries, and even complaints with our services and that will always be responded to adequately and timely. We don’t let you remain with doubts. Meet the time is our commitment.

Our Vision

Assure service for valued effort

Assure “quality service” for the profound efforts of our clients while appreciating the due values of our employees to make happy people in a sustainable world.


Accomplish the vision by the mission of
Client focus service by employee-oriented management“.

Make the staff up to date on organization objectives, equip with knowledge and skills to achieve the satisfaction of our clients, and reward the employee for their achievements.

Keep our competent staff connected and available to listen to our clients and their service matters.

Goals and objectives

Become a global renown certification brand by;

  • Providing an efficient and smooth professional service with competent staff and well-designed infrastructure.
  • Optimizing value-added tasks in the “Lean” concept within standard and accreditation norms.
  • Working on proactive plans to maintain the work-life balance of staff.