Recycled Products

Certification for Recycled Products

Textile Exchange (TE) owned Global Recycled Standard (GRS) and Recycled Claim Standard (RCS) are the well-known recycled content claim standards in the textile and fashion industry. These programs can be applied even in jewelry, bedding, automobile, construction, paper, plastic, metal, and various other industries where recycled materials are used (non-food).

GRS and RCS are the choices of most apparel brands for the supply chain certification to achieve their sustainability goals. RCS covers the claims from a minimum of 5% to 100% recycled materials whereas GRS covers from 20%- 100% recycled claims. Additionally, GRS contributes to ensuring the chemical, environmental and social aspects as a comprehensive sustainability standard.

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Criteria GRS RCS
recycled material range 20-100% 5-100%
TC requirement Yes Yo
chemical aspects Yes No
environment aspect Yes No
social  aspects Yes No
Applicable Industries Textile, clothing, jewellery, bedding, automobile, footwear, paper, plastic, metal, leather, wool and any other  non-food industries