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We are a global certification, verification, and training provider headquartered in Melbourne, Australia. Sustainability certification in textile, clothing, footwear, leather, and many other supply chains highlight as the most prominent service area.

We will fulfill the gap of appropriate service models in agriculture, livestock, forestry, food, and many other industries with our expertise and innovative solutions soon.

We are currently operating in Australia, New Zealand, Bangladesh, China, Hong Kong, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, Thailand and Turkey.


Clean Globe provides accredited, globally recognized certification worldwide under standards of Textile Exchange for organic, recycled, and responsible animal fibers to organizations in the supply chain of sustainable textile, clothing, footwear, plastic, leather, and other industries.


Third and second-party verifications and tailor-made programs based on code of conduct (CoC), pre-production, inline production, pre-shipment, and supply chain verification for different tiers are the focused areas of our verification services.


Common training on Textile Exchange programs and Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) are arranged in different locations with prior notices. An on-demand training is arranged for chemical management, sustainable product sourcing, merchandising, and marketing. These courses are delivered onsite as well as online via different E-learning platforms.