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Animal Fibers

Certification for Animal fiber products

The most challenging concern of animal fiber is the assurance of animal welfare from the farm to harvest. Textile Exchange’s Responsible Down (RDS) and Responsible Animal Fiber (RAF) standards (RAF- RWS, RMS, and RAF) ensure ethical and humane practices towards animals and sustainability in livestock until harvesting. Subsequent stages of the supply chain are certified under the principles of CCS to ensure claimed content received the end customer.

Responsible Down Standard (RDS)

RDS is to ensure that the down and feathers come from geese and ducks are treated humane and no forced feeding or live-plucking is taken place, then the supply chain until the final product to ensure that the claimed down or feather in the final product such as jacket, pillow or bedding those materials are genuinely stuffed in.

The brands and retailers who are keen on responsible and ethical sourcing, and listen to their customers who are humane and animal friendly, rightly select their jackets, pillows, sleeping bags, and many other products certified to RDS.

We, “Clean Globe” conduct CCS based audit and certification of the entire supply chain from post-harvesting to the final retailer of the RDS products.

Responsible Animal Fiber (RAF) Standards

Responsible Wool Standard (RWS) | Responsible Mohair Standard (RMS) | Responsible Alpaca Standard (RAS)

Beyond animal welfare standards, RAF standards address certain environmental and social aspects. Animals that are grown for wool, mohair, or alpaca fibers shall be treated well with respecting the Five Freedoms of animal welfare. The social aspects of the workers on farms and progressive methods of land management practices as environmental aspects are adding values being comprehensive animal-friendly plus sustainability standards.

By the RAF standards certified product, the brands, and retailers who are keen on responsible, ethical, as well as sustainable sourcing able to present their customers not only the comfort of animal fiber in the jacket, sweater, cap, socks, toy, or any other product but a story of pride being a contributor to a blood-free, environment-friendly, and humane journey.

We, “Clean Globe” conduct CCS based audit and certification in the entire supply chain from post-harvesting to the final retailer of RAF standard products. Contact us for further information.